Electronic signature solutions for HR department workflow

Accelerate HR productivity with Document eSign and get rid of the hassles of paperwork by collecting data and multiple signatures digitally.

Document eSign solution lets you connect every step of the employee lifecycle, right from hiring to retiring. Retrieve every stored and signed HR forms, NDAs, and contracts from the cloud solution.

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document preparation

Faster document preparation with reusable templates

Our free electronic signature service lets you create an unlimited number of templates for your HR forms that can be used any number of times as needed. Personalize each of the pre-approved templates separately as per employee’s needs and send them out to be signed accordingly.

workflow automation

Workflow automation

Streamline the recruiting process collect eSignatures by multiple job applicants from any device. Get your contracts in custom signing order, improve compliance, and keep track of real-time employee signature. Automate workflow by delivering the documents like offer letters to applicants in the right order for the esignature.

organize HR forms

Organize HR forms

Organize important HR forms at one place in a single online platform to avoid misplacing them. Customize your documents in categories and efficiently manage your staff records. Impress the potential candidates by combining company and job information into an organized professional way that’s easy to review.

faster approvals

Faster approvals

Get approvals to fill forms faster for quick and easy streamlining of candidates and employees to sign and return forms from any device. Smooth HR workflow ensures recruiting good talent, involving leave and expense management, streamlining organizational processes, payroll, and other employee-related processes and improving employee productivity.

protect ensitive data

Protect any sensitive Data

Settle for two factor verification in your signing process to keep NDAs, contracts and other HR forms secure. Before signing a document, signers are required to enter a code sent to them via SMS in their registered mobile number. Protect your documents by adding passwords to restrict copying, printing or editing any personal information.

advanced technology

Advanced technology to ensure accuracy and compliance

Document security and integrity can be attained by advanced encryption. Document eSign invalidates any changes in the document that are attempted between signers. We offer a comprehensive audit trail to track any changes made to the signed documents to stay compliant with important processes, laws, and audits as well as drift legal disputes.