reduce paperwork

Signing a legal form in seconds

Send forms or agreements to multiple signers to collect legally-binding eSignatures, in the order of signing. Get notified when the form is processed. Store and retrieve documents that are saved in the cloud storage for easy access. Concentrate more on research and briefings and forget about any paperwork that reduces productivity. Collect eSignatures online and complete documentation overnight without waiting for any emails and faxes.

device integrations

Device integrations for lesser hassles

Allow your mobile device to empower prenuptial legal documents, or process a power of attorney, in a single swipe of your cursor. Cut down hassles for your clients by processing your legal documents faster and enabling clients to sign documents from anywhere, anytime from Android or iOS. Keep the process moving for your clients and make paperwork less burdensome for them.

compliance security

Compliance and security

Process all legal documents with Document eSign and protect with advanced encryption and two-factor authentication safeguards. Track and sign all the completed documents from anywhere any time. Keep your practise away from all malpractices by tracking and maintaining audit trails of all your signed agreements and consent forms. Through a secure app like Document eSign keeps sensitive documents safe from any mishaps.

automated workflow

Automated Workflow for easy payment collection

Collaborate and create your documents seamlessly by integrating to your existing workflow with the APIs. Collect payments easily from your clients using fillable forms. Automate your workflow into an eSign solution and get notified every time a payment is made. Track and maintain all the payment related data from any internet-connected device.

documents look professional

Make your Documents Look Professional

Document eSign enables you to collect and create multiple legal forms for different contents with embedding fields for your clients to provide accurate datas. Make your documents look professional by designating required fields and guide the signers to your documents. Get rid of paper forms and bulky PDF documents and switch to a convenient mobile-friendly intake form that has intuitive way of getting deals closed.

maintain lawfulness

Maintain lawfulness and court admissibility

An Document eSign agreement is tamper-proof. With paper based agreements and court-admissible certificates, and manage and maintain the audit trail on your activities on your documents.