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Our Story

Document eSign was an enterprise-grade Sinature solution that was established in 2020. Since its inception, Document eSign has been empowering individuals and businesses to digitize their workflows, approve processes, eliminate mistakes, integrate signatures easily into the apps and create a productive team that scales with your process.

The thought behind Document eSign is helping both little and huge organizations take the digital leap. A lot of organizations hesitate when it comes to managing and handling sensitive information

for example, agreements and business solutions in the cloud — this is the reason we committed ourselves to building a highly secure and well monitored e-Signature platform that is ahead of its time in terms of functionality while getting flexible work processes and an increase in time efficiency for large companies at the same time.

The pre-pandemic world saw a time that had compelled us to remain distant from everyone at sight. The trying times did make us realize the value of every minute for business deals that were paused only for a mere signature. Although the use of digital signatures made its entry back in the day, the impact and the need of it was never felt this much before. It is then that every company started to put faith in the legality of the digital signatures that most of the nation states have law for.

As for us, we always had to be dependent on a esignature solutions that help us close deals with our clients across the globe. With the pandemic affecting every corner of the globe, the business world started to take a serious hit economically with limited opportunities to grow. With fewer sales caving in, several organizations had started raising the prices of their products to make their ends meet. At this point every other eSignature solution in the market started to look more complicated or expensive.

So, we decided to create our free esignature solution and offer it to anyone for absolutely free. Why? We know that each dollar counts in the trying times when you're a startup and we believe every team should have a window for opportunities from around the globe without having to pay a fortune. This was our time to give back something to the world we lived in when it needed us the most.

How we keep Document eSign free?

One of the questions that we receive all the time is: " How do you make money if the service is free? What's the catch?"

Well, our free plans help us market our product more effectively which eventually increases our scope. We have paid API gateways that have additional features aimed towards professionals.

When something good is offered for free, like Document eSign, it usually comes with a hidden price - most usually it's privacy, something the tech industry is known for. However, that's not the case with Document eSign.

We never sell or share any data with anyone. Why? Because we don 't have to. We don 't have investors or shareholders hungry for profit, so we don 't face pressure to make a quick buck by any means necessary. And, because of good word of mouth, all our growth is organic. Our company is completely independent and free to do the right thing.

How can we afford this? First, we make Document eSign accessible to everyone, and then we provide even more value to those on a paid API subscription:

  • The basic version is free, so anyone can easily get started.
  • We only charge for API as Some teams decide to use paid API gateways so they can access some extra features they need

Who is behind Document eSign?

Document eSign is a product built and maintained by Angular Minds, the company behind some of the most popular mobile and development applications, SaaS products and APIs currently on the market. We are an India-based IT company currently looking at over millions daily active users across our platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Document eSign is 100% free for all users, we offers a free esign feature that enables users to electronically sign an unlimited number of digital documents. No credit card required.
You can upload and e-sign any type of document pdf, doc, docx, jpg; jpeg, xml.
Draft envelopes are stored in your account for 30 days from the date they were created. Signed or Cancelled documents will be automatically removed after 30 days.
If a user discontinues using his or her account for 12 consecutive months then our software automatically marks them inactive.

Yes, individuals and businesses use Document eSign around the world.

Yes, Document design is completely safe and secure. The company uses bank-grade AES-256 encryption with a secure key management system — something the majority of banking and financial institutions, as well as government agencies, use for their web applications.

Yes, Document eSign is legally binding. We take security quite seriously, meaning that its built-in esignature technology needs to be legally binding for the company to proceed with its operations.
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